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Management Liability insurance explained

In this article we explore what Management Liability insurance is, why it's important and why you need it. 

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5 common types of charity fraud and how to prevent them

Voluntary organisations can be an easy target for criminals, but there are steps they can take to minimise this risk.

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Duty of Candour: Your Guide

Read our guide on Duty of Candour to ensure you understand how to minimise the risk to your business and for the good of those in your care. 

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Guide to starting a Domiciliary Care agency

Launching a Domiciliary Care agency or Home Care agency can be daunting; we provide a quick overview and guide to the process.

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Starting a Charity? The importance of insurance

When setting up a new charity it’s crucial to get appropriate protection.

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What is Employers' Liability insurance?

A brief guide to Employers' Liability insurance

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Charities to continue to pay insurance premium tax

With increases in insurance premium tax set to continue, the question is should charities be exempt?

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Does your charity need insurance?

We outline the insurance that your charity will need and some considerations when searching for your cover.

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Protection, Fraud and Abuse

There are many dangers facing those in the care and charity sector including fraud and abuse, find out how to keep your business safe.

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Unoccupied Properties, are they safe?

Vacant properties can carry additional risks, read our guide on the risks facing owners and strategies to cope.

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Do your employees have the correct motor insurance for their job?

Do your employees have the correct insurance? Read our guide on what motor insurance your employees should have.

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Health and Safety guidelines, what are the 2016 changes?

Read our guide on the 2016 changes and their implications on your organisation.

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Does your insurance cover volunteers?

Read our guide on best practices when recruiting volunteers and what insurance you need to cover them.

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Insurance Act 2015, what does it mean for you?

Understand the big changes in the Insurance Act 2015 and what they mean for your business.

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